The best time to start your fitness journey is today!

Contact our professional staff of trainers and educators to arrange a consultation and create a fitness plan that is right for you.

Everything you need to realise your fitness goals

Whatever your goals, our facilities include all the equipment you need for success. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to help and offer guidence for all skill levels.

Personal Training

One on one, or partnering up with friends, we will target your strengths and weaknesses to work towards your fitness goals as fast and safely as possible.
Giving you that private personal touch to make you feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after training.

Circuit training

Cardio and strength-based training using light weights. We maximise the reps either inside our gym on our equipment or at one of our outdoor venues with our wide range of light to medium weights and other training apparatus.

Mums and Bubs

This is for all the new mummies and beyond. Working carefully within your limitations to lose the unwanted baby weight, strengthening those tummy muscles, firming up any areas that you need attention and working your core again. Our trainers will also take into special consideration any complications in birth that we will be aware of and keep close eye on you for your own safety.
Not to mention the support from the other mums in the group who are all going through the same things.

Group Training

Bring a friend or join our group work together either in our gym or outdoors venues across the Gold Coast. We’ll work on full body strength and conditioning by working on core muscles.

Senior Classes

This is for our 50, 60, 70+ age group. Come and join in with like minded people that are working on keeping muscle and building bone density to help with the ageing process. We are not building athletes, unless you want to, but more to keep everything moving and have fun in our very social Nifty 50s classes.

Boot Camps

Outdoor training at one of our Gold Coast venues, working on cardio, strength and conditioning, agility, balance and flexibility all rolled into one session using various outdoor training equipment.


Using various boxing techniques in a full body workout and increasing cardio and endurance. Working together outside on the boxing pads or inside our gym on the boxing bags, you will enjoy every minute of it.

Why Focus on Fitness

What People Say

I like to do group training sessions as I'm generally lazy and need to be told what to do. I also train to assist with my own mental health as I deal with life better when my head space is clear and focused. The training provided by Focus Fitness I have found to be a real community feel. Everyone, including the trainers are supportive and friendly. I am challenged by the sessions and start my day with a positive vibe. Thanks team @ Focus Fitness.
- Raeleigh
Norm, Sarah and the team at Focus Fitness are sensational in keeping the group motivated. We've been attending term challenges for a year now and the results are great. They cater for everyone, so whether you are a fitness enthusiast, trying to get started or anything in between, these guys have something for you and will support you all the way.
- Ana, David & Family
Our Pricing Plan

Let's get to work

Whether you’re ready to join our membership, visiting for just a short time, or simply looking for a training or massage session, we can offer you quality services at an affordable price.
Membership Prices
Membership Joining Fee $49 for 12 months
$99 for no contract
Gym Membership
(12 months)
$18 per week
(Pool and Spa included)
Gym Membership
(no contract)
$25 per week
(Pool and Spa included)
Personal Training
(30 mins)
$55 for 1 session
$250 for 5 sessions
$450 for 10 sessions
$800 for 20 sessions
Personal Training
(1 hr)
$80 for 1 session
$375 for 5 sessions
$700 for 10 sessions
$1,300 for 20 sessions
(30 mins)
(1 hr)
Add Cupping $20
Group Sessions
(excludes yoga & aqua exercise)
$18 for 1 session per week
$30 for 2 sessions per week
$38 for 3 sessions per week
$45 for unlimited sessions per week